Come Join the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

by Donald MacPherson on April 9, 2014

CDPC-square_full-logo_210x210px_RGBTime flies! Fast forward from 2012 when I last posted here to April 2014 –  just back from the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna where the international community is preparing for a landmark meeting at the United Nations in New York in 2016. The times they are a changing as countries around the world begin to advocate new approaches to substance use and related problems. Canada unfortunately continues to head backwards in the drug policy arena with the introduction of mandatory minimums for low level drug offences, introduction of Bill C-2  – the so called Respect for Communities Act – which will make it more difficult for cities to implement supervised injection sites, opposing using the term harm reduction within the international drug policy discussions, refusing to engage in the global discussion about alternatives to the war on drugs or consideration of decriminalization and regulation as possible policy options. I could go on. Suffice it to say that Canada has lost its leadership position on the international stage and is upholding the status quo at a time when the imperative for change is manifest in so many places around the world.

There is a growing call for change at the international level and it is a very exciting time to be involved in drug policy reform. So I’ll be hanging out with others from across the country at the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition for the time being, writing, organizing, showing up in all sorts of places to support the collective work that is gaining momentum to bring about an end to the drug war and the beginning of a more humane approach to drugs based on public health and human rights. Join us at and help to us  create a better drug policy for Canada and the world. Thanks. Donald

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